Sunday, December 21, 2008

Intimacy Care for Women

In Tjantek Spa, we have a special treatment called Intimacy Care or Ratus, as it is known in Java. For those new brides-to-be and new mothers, also every women out there, this is the ultimate treatment for your marital bliss.

This is a vaginal spa treatment, with steaming aromatic betel leaves and spices of many kinds, to help alleviate and keeping at bay fungal leukorrhea (keputihan), reduce vaginal odour and strengthen the pelvic muscles/wall. Javanese women have long appreciate and practice such care, however, not many of us here are aware of the benefits what this treatment can do for us women.

In Tjantek Spa, we start off this special treatment with a soothing back and shoulder massage to help loosen those muscles, keeping you at ease and relaxed, followed by the intimacy care session. Only at assured you would walk out with a smile as a new woman!

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