Monday, March 16, 2009

Tjantek Spa - Up Close and Personal

From left to right: Icha, Lela and Lilik

Come meet our friendly therapists, in person, at Tjantek Spa. The 3 beautiful ladies, proudly the backbone behind the spa, all hailed from the beautiful island of Java, and skillfully trained in Bali - the Island of Gods, is here to greet you with their warm smile, and skillfully guide you through the selection of exquisite treatments in Tjantek Spa.
All 3 are experienced masseurs, with own added specialized skills. Icha, is the connoisseur of Jamu, a herbal concoctional drink freshly prepared here in Tjantek Spa. One sip of her perfect blend is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Feel free to ask anything about jamu, and she will skillfully advise you what's best for your well-being. Lela specializes in the Asmara Tjintha Massage, a pelvic tilting massage combined with whole-body, specially for women. She was guru-ed by an old Javanese lady back in the mystical island and to Miri, she brings in her skill here. Lilik, our petite masseur, is great with the Body Lulur. We combined this treatment with aromatherapy foot wash, and whole body yoghurt application. The yoghurt will help in the ph balancing of the skin after the lulur has been performed.

Walk into Tjantek Spa and be charmed by our therapists.

Contact us at 013-8425533
No 9 Piasau Garden Shophouse, Miri


Anonymous said...

Your SPA is beyond expectations! You are able to bring the real experience of Bali Spa concept to Miri... I knew you could pull it off starting from scratch and after 2 years still going strong. My experience with your SPA in the early days was already smashing but you were able to move your business even to a higher level of maturity. I'm looking at your accomplishments with full ADMIRATION! Well done....

Anonymous said...

Do you have male Masseurs? Appreciate if you could response to this queries. Thanks