Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tjantek Spa Own Lulur Scrub

Tjantek Spa whimsically creates own luxurious lulur mix, using the best of every imaginable ingredients, specially for our Tjantek Spa customers.
Here are our very own, new luxurious Body Lulur range, namely:

Mocha Spice Body Lulur
Luxuriously moisturizing, this mocha spice sugar scrub smells good enough to eat. The coffee grounds and sugar gently exfoliate, and the cocoa and spices leave a subtle scent on the skin.
Caffeine increases blood flow and is known for its cellulite reducing properties. It is also a good treatment for varicose veins.
Lavender and Vanilla Scrub

Calming lavender and vanilla combine with hydrating honey and exotic spices in this gentle sugar-based facial scrub.
The wonderful scent of lavender and vanilla promote relaxation, leaving you with calm and rejoiced after the session. Great for dry skin as the honey and spice will help to moisturize your body, leaving it clean and supple.

Floral Sea Salt Scrub
A luxurious combination of sea salt and floral scent of your choice.
Sea salt scrub helps to remove the toxins that block the pores of the skin. Sea salt scrub will help to facilitate the blood circulation and giving you a natural glow.

Orange Coconut Scrub
The coconut will gently exfoliate the skin whilst the orange skin will leave a refreshing scent on the kin.
Both dry and oily skin types benefit from the exfoliating properties of the ingredients. Coconut will add the moisturizing smoothness to the skin whereas the anti aging antioxidants and vitamin C from the Orange will nourish for a soft, glowing skin. The beautiful smell of orange will exhilarate your spirit and senses.

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