Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Javanese Pre-Natal and Post Natal Spa Treatments

Dear Valued Customers

We are pleased to re-introduce our enhanced Mummy spa packages: Pre-Natal and Post Natal care for the blooming marvelous mum-to-be and new mothers, specially to you, by Tjantek Spa.

1. Pre-Natal Spa Packages
Special Note: Pre Natal Spa Treatments are positively encouraged, however ONLY from 2nd Trimester onwards. Nonetheless, those with specific medical conditions should first seek doctor's advice prior to the signing up of the treatments. Only certain aromatherapy oils are allowed such as rose oil and lemon grass.

As a mother of two, who has gone through pregnancies with bad water retention, I was then helplessly yearning for a sanctuary where I can just relax and rejuvenate my mind, body and soul. I understand the dire need of pregnant mothers, and I believe in what pre-natal spa treatments can do for you, in preparation for the much anticipated birth.

Scientifically, pre natal treatments such as body massage, is proven to help reduce stress and body-ache associated with pregnancy. As our weight increases, it induces tension to the body, leading to vericose vein problem and water retention, if not tended to properly.

Here in Tjantek Spa, we have specially created Pre-Natal Treatments to help new mums to-be enjoy a plain sailing pregnancy:

Full Body Pre-Natal Massage 1hour
Cream Bath including scalp massage 1 hour or Aromatherapy Foot Spa Care  1 hour
Freshly Brewed Warm Ginger Tea

2. Post Natal Spa Packages
Special Note: For new muns who had C-section, the Bengkung or Tapal can only be carried out 4 weeks after giving birth.

The Malays/Indonesians have been known to set aside a confinement period of at least 45 days to help them recover after the changes brought upon their physical and psychological being. Post partum depression is not common in this part of the world. This is due to strict regime of healthy diet and physical care. The confinement period is truly a privacy moment for new mothers to recover back their energy, their body and let the hormone settle, and of course, to bond with the new baby.

The best time to regain back your figure is during this 45 days. Therefore, Tjantek Spa offers an intensive 6x session package, which can be accommodated to suit your schedule and convenience. However, we strongly encourages a consistent weekly session attendance, in order to yield the maximum benefit from these treatments.

The treatments include:

Herbal Steam Bath 15 mins
Javanese Bengkung/Tapal  1.5 - 2 hours
Body Lulur Exfoliation or Kasei  1.5 - 2 hours
Full Body Post Natal Massage  1 hour
Intimacy Care/Vagina Spa or Bertangas 45 minutes
Bali Boreh Masking  1.5 hours
Herbal Compress Treatment  1 hour

New Addition:

And each session shall be finished off with a choice of Jamu Kunyit AsemJamu HaliaJamu Tolak Angin and Air Sirih.

Interested? Call us:
013-8425533 (Miri Branch)
014 -7090079 (Kuching Branch)
086-318888 ext 125 (Bintulu Branch)

Or email us at: surainee.abdul.latif@tjantekspamiri.com


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