Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Au Naturale by Tjantek Spa

We bring to you what we believe do work and what we believe is the best. Natural ingredients are used in most Tjantek Spa treatments. All the ingredients have been known for centuries for its healing properties and medicinal benefit to the skin.
We in Tjantek Spa proudly boasts the followings:

Our Signature Aromatheraphy Massage
  • We combine the scented aromatherapy oil of your choice with our own blended olive oil. Olive oil is known for its rich and deep moisturising effect to the skin. Naturally rich in Vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants, the olive oil contains tremendous healing and preserving properties for the skin's health, youthfulness and beauty. We do advise every customers not to shower straight after massage but to leave the massage oil on the skin for several hours, allowing optimum absorption and maximum effect to the skin.
Our Unique Facial
  • Our "Totok Facial" starts with cleansing, followed by the face scrub, skin toning and lastly, masking, however we emphasize heavily on the facial massage, or better known as 'totok' in Indonesia. Simply, it is the facial accupressure . Here, we combine honey and olive oil, nature's two most delightful ingredients, during the facial accupressure process. The process uses gentle circular motions, vigorous upward strokes, and emphasizes on facial beauty points. This helps to promote better blood circulation, and you will definitely look radiant and glowy, once the session finishes. Talk to our therapists for more info. We advise customers to undergo an intensive 12 course treatments for real result.
  • To further add, the honey we used in the facial massage is known to be extremely nourishing for the skin and helps to rejuvenate the skin, leading to the elimination of fine wrinkles.
  • Also new on our choice of face mask, we will be introducing the Honey Yoghurt. Do walk-in and ask our friendly therapists for info.

Our One-Of-Its-Kind Body Treatments
  • We apply home-made yoghurt in every body treatments. Naturally, after a body lulur or exfoliation session, the skin is left dry, hence if not tended carefully will cause long-term damaging effect. A whole body application of yoghurt will definitely help to replenish the skin ph balance, leaving your skin suppled and moisturised. Best of all, Tjantek Spa makes its own yoghurt, therefore you will be rest assured that the ingredients we used are of top quality, and definitely fresh.
  • We also offer Coconut Honey Scrub and Bali Coffee Scrub, amongst many other lulurs in store, where for each customer, it is individually concocted and mixed together. Coconut Honey is great for deep moisturising and exfoliation effect, whereas Bali Coffee is known as an effective cellulite-buster.

Pamper yourself, pamper your skin, balance your inner energy and feel rejuvenated simply because everyone deserves to be Tjantek. And everyone no doubt is.

Walk in or call 013-8425533.
Email: surainee.abdul.latif@tjantekspamiri.com


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